Belle Gibson Net Worth and Everything you need to Know


Annabelle Natalie Gibson, better known as Belle Gibson is an Australian convicted scammer and pseudo-science advocate. She is also the author of “The Whole Pantry” mobile app and its later companion cookbook. Throughout her career as a wellness guru. She was born on born 8 October 1991 in Australia.




Belle Gibson is not just an Australian author but has a well-set career as a health guru as well. One thing that belle is famous for is her fake narrative of terminal brain cancer. Talking of the account of her career as a health guru, it started with her own diagnosis. The well-recognized author had been suffering from numerous cancer pathologies. Basically, all over her internal organs. Gibson had cancer in her blood, uterine, liver, in the malignant brain, spleen as well as in her kidney. She even suffered from strokes. And even possessed fleeting death experience while undergoing several operations.

The author claimed to find her way through her self-managing meals, workouts along with a few of the necessary therapies. Gibson said that she no longer had faith in the scientific treatments. Precisely, she decided to get diagnosed with her own homebound routines and diet. Most importantly, large segments from her earnings were donated. Along with significant portions of the profits that her company achieved. Basically, all of this was set forth in the name of charity. But the truth is she never had any cancer.


Consumer Affairs Victoria took legal action against Gibson for allegedly violating Australian consumer law. Belle’s publisher, Penguin Australia, has already agreed to pay a fee of $30,000 to the Victorian Consumer Law Fund as a penalty for releasing The Whole Pantry, as the facts were never verified. On 15 March 2017, Federal Court Justice Debra Mortimer conveyed the decision that “most but not all” of the claims against Gibson were upheld. In September 2017, Gibson was fined A$410,000 for making false claims about her contributions to charity.  As of mid-September 2019, Gibson still had not paid, claiming to be broke. In a 2017 letter later released by the Federal Court, Gibson had detailed that she was $170,000 in debt, and had $5,000 to her name.

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