Damon Dash Net Worth: All You Need To Know Career, Early Life, Earning?


Damon Dash Net Worth

Damon Dash is an American record maker, business person and music leader Damon Dash Net Worth of $100 thousand. Not at all like his one-time accomplice Jay-Z, who today is a very rich person, Damon has encountered various detailed monetary issues lately. In late 2019, Damon told a New York judge that he was excessively poor to pay kid support, with the vast majority of his pay being embellished by an assortment of leasers. We’ll detail his set of experiences of monetary circumstances all through this article.


Damon Dash is presumably generally popular for helping to establish the music name Roc-A-Fella Records. Run helped to establish Roc-A-Fella with rapper Jay Z. He additionally helped to establish two attire lines, incorporating Rocawear with Jay-Z. Rocawear in the end turned into a profoundly rewarding brand that was sold for countless dollars. At the point when business was blasting, Damon utilized his clout to branch into a few different enterprises and organizations. Damon plunged into film creation, advertising, product and ability the executives. His film organization created various vital movies, including “The Woodsman”, which featured Kevin Bacon and “Settled completely” which featured Mekhi Phifer.


Damon Dash Early Life


Conceived May 3, 1971 in Harlem, New York, Damon Dash went to non-public schools in New York and perceived his melodic calling at an early age. As a teen, he would clear floors at a neighborhood barbershop and work as a paper sales rep to manage the cost of shoes and shirts. In the most natural sounding way for him, Damon “figured out how to hustle” from his mom, who sadly passed on from an asthma assault when he was only 15.

Damon Dash Career

Run helped to establish Roc-A-Fella with rapper Jay Z. Run functioned as Jay-Z’s colleague at Roc-A-Fella Records, as well as filling in as his previous chief. In 1999, Dash coordinated a visit for Jay-Z that rounded up $19 million bucks. As Roc-A-Fella records soar in notoriety, Damon saw his total assets ascend to an unsurpassed pinnacle of $50 million. Sadly, the great times didn’t endure forever. Jay Z and Damon’s relationship soured after Roc-A-Fella Records was purchased by Def Jam Recordings in 2004. Jay Z in this manner consented to take the occupation of leader of Def Jam. In late 2005, Jay-Z purchased Dash out of his stake in Rocawear. Their relationship was formally delivered over due to these occasions.

Damon Dash Different Ventures

His prosperity as a record maker drove him to fan out into different fields where he likewise delighted in much achievement. He established two dress lines, Rocawear with Jay-Z, an exceptionally worthwhile brand that was in the end sold for a huge number of dollars. At the point when business was blasting, Damon utilized his clout to branch into a few different ventures and organizations. Damon at last stretched out into film creation, showcasing, product and ability the executives. His film organization created various significant movies, including “The Woodsman”, which featured Kevin Bacon and “Settled completely” which featured Mekhi Phifer. Run has showed up in the two movies, too, despite the fact that he served principally as maker. Damon Dash likewise established DD172, a media aggregate which incorporates a magazine, American Nu, a website composition firm called VNGRD79, a craftsmanship exhibition, and a record name division, BlueRoc Records.

Damon Connections


He was beforehand involved with R&B vocalist Aaliyah from 2000 until her demise in August 2001 via plane accident. The couple was not officially connected yet Dash has expressed in interviews that the couple had plans to wed. Damon was hitched to Rachel Roy from 2005 to 2009. He met Rachel Roy when she was filling in as an understudy at Rocawear. They had two little girls together, Ava Dash (brought into the world in 1999) and Tallulah Dash (brought into the world in 2008). Their little girls prompted a severe guardianship fight when the couple separated in 2009. Roy blamed Dash for homegrown maltreatment and was granted sole guardianship as well as a three-year controlling request and critical monetary help.

Run likewise has a child, Dame “Boogie” Dash, brought into the world in 1991. He imparts his child to previous sweetheart Linda Williams. Boogie stars in Growing Up Hip Hop, an unscripted TV drama on WE Tv. Run is right now connected with to his pregnant life partner, film maker Raquel Horn, as of April 2020.


During his separation procedures from Roy, Dash uncovered to an appointed authority that he owed $2 million in back charges and was amidst dispossession on two New York City condos. He was additionally being sued by a few NYC law offices and different banks for absence of installment. His Chevy Tahoe had been repossessed after he was unable to stay aware of the $700 regularly scheduled installments. Run had to abandon his $9 million Tribeca New York home which was subsequently sold in dispossession for $5.5 million. In the interim, Jay-Z would proceed to offer Rocawear to Iconix Brand Group for $219 million. In 2014, Dash was requested to pay Linda Williams, the mother of his child Boogie, $50,000 for making her be arraigned on badgering charges in 2009. In August 2015, it was uncovered that Damon Dash Net Worth owes $4.14 million in back charges to the province of New York.

In September 2019 Damon requested of a court to end his youngster support installments. It would appear during the first separation procedures, Damon consented to pay $6000 each month in kid support that would reach out past when the little girls turned 18. In his court documenting, Damon guaranteed that in 2018 he procured a sum of $56,000 while Rachel probably acquired more than $500,000.

In November 2019, Dash was captured for neglecting ( Damon Dash Net Worth ) to pay $400,000 in kid support. Run supposedly paid more than $1 million to be delivered. Soon thereafter, Damon recorded lawful docs guaranteeing he is destitute once more and couldn’t bear to pay a $2,400 individual obligation. This time he guaranteed his main kind of revenue is his own business which at present creates zero gains. He further uncovered that he got $2 million from maker Lee Daniels as a feature of a claim repayment yet the cash was decorated by lenders. In March 2019, Dash was requested to pay Rachel Roy $341,991 and $25,000 for lawyer charges.

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