The Rosie Rivera Net Worth In 2022? Her Personal Life And Career !


The Rosie Rivera Net Worth 

Rosie Rivera Net Worth : Rosie Rivera is a Mexican TV character who has a total assets of $14 million. Rosie Rivera is most popular as the more youthful sister of the late vocalist Jenni Rivera, who unfortunately passed on in a deadly plane accident in 2012, however she is otherwise called a player on the Star TV show Rica, Famosa, Latina (similar to America’s “Genuine Housewives”).




Rosie is the most youthful individual from the renowned Rivera family. She is currently the agent of her sister’s domain, the late Mexican vocalist Jenni Rivera. A written by hand note left by the late vocalist named Rosie responsible for dealing with Rivera’s funds as the CEO of Jenni Enterprises would it be advisable for anything happen to her. Rosie’s new title places her in difference in the late entertainer’s funds, yet in addition of her image and of proceeded with deals of her music and product.

Furthermore, the letter allowed Rosie, 31, obligation over the five kids Jenni abandoned: Janney “Chiquis” Marín Rivera; Jacqueline Marín Rivera; Michael Marín Rivera; Jenicka Lopez Rivera; Johnny Lopez Rivera. Rosie herself is the mother of two young ladies and the spouse of Abel Flores. In her job on Rica, Famosa, Latina we witness Rosie carrying on with her life as she adjusts her family (alongside sister Jenni’s youngsters) as well as the obligation of the heritage left by her sister. The show stars Rosie Rivera and four other rich and renowned ladies who put every one of their lives on camera so anyone might be able to see.

Early Life 


Rosie Rivera was brought into the world in 1981 to Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra. In the mean time, she is 40 years of age as of now. She has two siblings, Juan Rivera and Lupillo Rivera. Rosie lived with her folks and siblings in her childhood, including Juan River, Gustavo Rivera, and Peter Rivera.

She is a sister to Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane accident in December 2012. Jenni was a popular vocalist and musician. Plus, she was likewise an eminent TV maker, a business person an entertainer. Moreover, she was likewise an extraordinary giver.

Besides, Rosie holds the American ethnicity. She filled in as CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises and furthermore partook in the Spanish language unscripted TV dramas. She sired her little girl Kassandra with her ex in 2003. Later wedded to Abel Flores in 2011.


Rosie Rivera got into the broadcast business in 2013 and was highlighted in Jenni Rivera’s unscripted TV drama. She additionally showed up in another unscripted TV drama called Famosa, Rica, and Latina.

Rosie likewise wrote a book, named My Broken Pieces, which digs into the sexual maltreatment experience during her initial life. In the book, she discusses how backing and love from the family have assisted her with recuperating.


She was likewise the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, an organization having a place with her sister Jenni. Rosie Rivera is in this manner among the most prestigious stars in the US.

As a CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Rossie was highlighted in different unscripted television series in 2014. Additionally, she showed up in the Mexican American reality series. What’s more, she was highlighted as a visitor in the Tu Desayuno Alegre music TV series. In 2007, she showed up in a video Big Bad Mamas.

What’s more, she has likewise showed up in many notable magazine. Along with her better half Abel, they have delivered a digital recording that guides wedded couples expanding, showing them how to make a sound marriage.

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