7 Anime You Must Watch If You Like Great Pretender

7 Anime You Must Watch: If you loved Great Pretender and looking for similar anime series, then you can follow the list of 7 Anime You Must Watch.


7. Magic Kaito (2010)

Based on a manga by Gosho Aoyama, ‘Magic Kaito’ is a story of Kaito Kuroba, who discovers that his father was a mysterious criminal. Kaito takes on his father’s former thief mantle, seeking to prevent the organization, who killed his father, from obtaining the Pandora Gem, which, according to legends, can grant immortality.



6. Kaiji (2007)

Kaiji is all about being victorious with hope and conquer victory with a well-planned movement. The character of this series is very optimistic about life. He is also supported by his luck, intelligence, and a desire to live and thrive. He puts his life at the stake of gambling and wins every time.

5. The Daughter of Twenty Faces (2008)

‘The Daughter of Twenty Faces’ depicts a story of the wealthy heiress Chizuko Mikamo, whose relatives want to kill her to claim her inheritance. She accepts to go with her butler, who is a thief and begins traveling with his gang. Later, she turns out to be a skilled thief herself and forms a father-daughter relationship with Twenty Faces.

4. Black Clover (2017)

Black Clover’ tells a story of a world where magic is omnipresent but the main character, Asta was born with no magical powers. Whereas, his friend Yuno is the most gifted magician of their generation. Both of them strive for the Wizard King title which is traditionally held by the most powerful mage in the land.

3. Jing: King of Bandits (2002)

The main character in ‘Jing: King of Bandits’ is a legendary character in his universe because of his accomplishments as a thief. Many adversaries underestimate him because he is very young, but they do regret later.

2. Lupin the Third Part 5 (2018)

‘Lupin the Third Part 5’ is the fifth installment of ‘Lupin the Third’ anime franchise. The protagonist of the series is the expert thief Arsène Lupin III, who is the descendent of Arsène Lupin. Like Laurent, Lupin is a gentleman’s thief, he steals from other people who own corrupt wealth or illegal money.

1. Death Note (2006)

Death Note is the story of Light Yagami, a teenager with high intellect. He discovers a mysterious notebook that actually belongs to the Shinigami Ryuk. The person whose name is written down in that notebook will inevitably die.

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