A Digital Book Sequel to be released for Hanasaku Iroha TV Anime

Hanasaku Iroha Sequel

P.A. Work’s digital book label P.A. books is soon set to release a book sequel digitally to the HanaSaku Iroha TV anime on Friday, that is thirty October. The book has been written by Tohru Fujimoto which is titled Hana-Saku Iroha Itsuka Saku Basho which in English loosely translates to Hana-Saku Iroha: the place that blooms someday. And the cover and other illustrations have been provided by Iroha Kohinata.



The story line of the book is featured seven years later the closure of Kissuiso at the end of the TV anime. Ohana shows her determination to revive the hot spring inn as she wants to become Sui Shijima. Ohana also leaves her life in Tokyo behind again, and she gets reunited as an adult with those she once knew and also meets new people who can help her to bring Kissuiso back to life.


HanaSaku Iroha anime

Apart from the plot of the book, the story of the anime is given below.

The story of HanaSaku Iroha anime revolves around a sixteen year old Ohana Matsumae who is a native of Tokyo. She ends up working with her grandmother at a hot spring inn or in Japanese known as an onsen ryokan. The young girl is not sure about what to do and has yet to decide what she wants in future.


The series has been directed at P.A. works by Masahiro Ando who is also known for blast of tempest. The composition of the series has been handled by Mari Okada who is also known for Black butler. Apart from the original character designs have been looked after by Mel Kishida.

The music of the anime series has been handled by shiroh Hamaguchi who is also known for Tari Tari. All these members responsible for making the anime series a success got together for the film as well.


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