Acting Idol Anime Gekidol Character Art for Three Leads Gets Premiered

Acting Idol Anime Gekidol

Gekidol, the mixed media project is finally all ready to get premiered in the next year, 2021 in the month of January. It took several years of planning and live events to make this finally happen. The multifaceted project shared some details regarding the character settings for three of the cast’s hopeful actresses.


The video and the teaser trailers have been uploaded on Crunchyroll website official, so you can check it out. Many visuals also have been released on the site as well. The three actresses which have been announced are Seria Morino, Airi Kagami and lastly Izumi Hinazaki.



Gekidol will take place after five years, after an unspecified disaster happens and destroys the major cities around the world. The hopeful actress appearing as cast, aim to take the stage in plays augmented by holographic technology. The anime adaptation of Gekidol will premiere in January in next year.

The Alice in deadly school is being produced currently.



The Gekidol project, was created in hopes so that the interest in live theatre can be increased on part of the audience. The in series idols also perform as actresses in the real world plays and theatres. Alice in deadly school, the first project was performed four year ago in 2016 in Ikebukuro, Japan.

An anime adaptation from the books has also been progressed, and the stars of Gekidol will reappear in Deadly school as their characters’ characters. The Alice in deadly school was released a film three years ago in 2017. It was a short movie with both action and comedy. The plot revolves around a zombie apocalypse, when the students are forced to fight against them with bats and bombs.

The forty four minute duration movie, is a must watch if you like action films and are into anime Japanese content.


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