Adult Swim permanently retired episodes of ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ and ‘The Boondocks’

Adult Swim

Adult Swim is an American anime sitcom channel. It is one of the most underrated and highly recommended channel. It airs many amazing animated adult comedy series, and one of the most famous is Rick and Morty.


Adult Swim blocks few episodes

Some of the retired episodes of Aqua teen Hunger Force series and The Boondocks are permanently blocked because of the cultural sensitivities. It is announced by the Daily Beast. These series have always been popular ones and quiet in demand always.


Recently the series of Adult Swim are made available on HBO Max to stream online. But later on fans noticed that Several episodes of The Boondocks and Aqua teens tells story of racisit country. The Boondocks, The story of Jimmy Rebel and Aqua Teen’s Shake like me (Master Shake becomes Black in this episode). Suddenly these episodes were unavailable as users cannot watch these.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force runs 11 seasons on Adult Swim. It has 139 episodes from 2000 to 2015. It is being aired from 15 years. The Boondocks has 55 episodes from 4 seaons being run from 2005- 2014. But it will going to return with two brand new seasons on HBO Max later this year only.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Apart from this Adult Swim has also temporarily rested an episode from The Shivering truth, episode name Ogled Inklings.

The Boondocks episode Tehe Story of Jimmy Rebbel focuses Ruckus Uncle’s relationship with with a singer whose album title says, Real N. Never Die, They just smell that way. This episode was from season 3.

The aqua teens episode Shake Like Me, Refers to John Griffin’s black like me. It was from season 6. In this Shake becomes stereotypically black in physical appearance and his behaviour. This change was seen after Shake was bitten by a bLack man infected with toxic waste.

The decision to retire and rest the episodes comes amid the resurgence of Black Lives Matters protests.


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