Ahiru no Sora Episode 49: Release date, Preview, and Everything A Fan Should Know

Ahiru no Sora Episode 49: Created by Takeshi Hinata, Ahiru no Sora is a Japanese anime which is based on sports. The show was adapted to a television series in the last year in 2019 and premiered in the month of October on the second by Dimodea.


The manga series of the same name has a total of fifty one volumes and has been illustrated by Takeshi Hinata as well. They were released in Japan by the last year, 2019 by Kodansha. Where as the collection of the volumes and writing began seventeen years ago in 2003 in December.



The forty ninth episode of the series will release on the twenty third of this month, that is September at five minutes before six.

New episodes of the series are released every Wednesday.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 49

CAST- Ahiru no Sora Episode 49

The Japanese voice actor Yuki Kaji gives his voice to Sora Kurumatani who has a lot of enthusiasm for sports and wants to play basketball. Further, the twenty seven year old Japanese voice actor and singer Yuma Uchida voices Momoharu Hananzono.

Chiaki is dubbed by Katsuyuki Konishi, and Kishi Taniyama voices Kenji.


In the previous episode, that is the forty eighth episode of Ahiru no Sora the viewers saw that Chiaki is now discouraged and feels that they cannot win the match as the score board is totally benefiting the other team.

But we see that Natsume tries to think of a plan which they can execute to win the basketball game. He tells to pass the ball as much as possible and Nana also motivates the team by telling them to play hard no matter what. Natsume also employs a technique and gets three points for the team.

The television series of the anime have been directed by two people together, firstly the Japanese anime artist Keizo Kusawaka and then Shingo Tamaki.


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