Aki Shimizu ‘s ‘Inugami Re’ manga to release this fall

Aki Shimizu, a manga creator announced that an all-new series of manga will be releasing soon. The narrative of this manga suggests that it is an adaptation of Inugami manga which was created by Masaya Hokazono.


About Aki Shimizu

This manga artist comes from Fukuoka in Japan. Her works have been published in many esteemed journals and magazines. The creator gave the news about her upcoming manga Inugami Re by tweeting that she has almost completed her work on it.


Born on sixteen October, Aki Shimizu is a manga creator best known for her original work Qwan which was published eighteen years ago in 2002. This original work of the manga artist consists of seven volumes.


Masaya’s manga Inugami was serialized into fourteen volumes from 1996 to 2002. In his manga, the dog does not know anything about his past and is simply used to spy on humans. Amazon will list an eBook on twenty October. The storyline of the manga follows a dog and a young boy. But their friendship is not that normal or general. The dog can heal its wounds and has the ability to grow out blades from his body.

Aki Shimizu

Inspired from Japanese mythology, this manga will not only be adventurous and exciting,it will also teach us the value of friendship and a little about the roots of Japan dog god.

Fukumi is a young boy who lives in a deserted village, he will befriend this dog with amazing powers. While Inugami the dog keeps facing dangers as the people want to capture his abilities to heal quickly and others, we will see how the young boy and this dog will save each other in such events. These events will not only grow the friendship among them but also build a blind trust.

We all love dogs as they are cute, but this dog is a fighter.


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