Akira Amano Launches New Manga Series Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective

Ron Kamonohashi deranged detective manga

On Sunday, that is on eleventh October Akira Amano, the manga creator of reborn! announced on her official twitter account that her latest manga series Ron Kamonohashi deranged detective is being released on the app of Shonen Jump+ in Japan. The manga, reborn! ended eight years ago in 2012, and after this is the first weekly serialization that is being launched by Amano.


The first wide color page of the manga series was uploaded on twitter account of the deputy editor-in-chief of Shonen Jump+ and the same is also available on other websites. You can check the page on crunchyroll as well.



The manga, Ron Kamonohashi deranged detective will also be launched in English translation on a different app that is, Manga plus. The time of the launch will be same as the launch of Japanese version in Japan. The first chapter of the manga is already to be launched.

A new chapter of the manga series will launch on Sundays, because as stated earlier this is a weekly serialization. The chapters will first of course premiere in Japan.

Ron Kamonohashi deranged detective


The thriller manga will focus on a private investigator, who is Ron Kamanohashi and is the title character of the series. The other character is Totomaru Ishiki who is an amateur police detective with a golden heart. The duo will bring out the reality and the truth. They both together will solve the difficult mysteries  for the new generation.

This plot was detailed by Manga plus which will launch the serialization in English. You can also read the first chapter in Spanish on the same app. Reborn, the first serialization by the creator was also adapted into a series in 2006, that is fourteen years ago. The anime adapted series ended in the month of September in 2010, that is it ran for four years.


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