All Time Top 10 Best INTP Anime Characters

Top 10 Best INTP Anime Characters : As per MBTI, there are different character types, out of which INTP is the one we will zero in on in this article. INTP represents instinct, thoughtful reasoning, and seeing, and it is a character type in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. INTP characters’ predominant capability is normally thoughtful by character and penchant to concentrate on the conditions they regard themselves as in. This is a significant expertise to have in anime, as these people as a rule devise a system. INTP anime characters will be your engaging companion!


The immense person in this segment is essential figures in their series. You’ll discover a few equals among yourself and the energized legends in this article on the off chance that you’re an INTP character type. In the event that both of these characters hits home for you, best to look out until the end of the series.


10. Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi is one of the primary characters in the series, in spite of his cold and dreadful façade. He’s an incredible representation of how mental sorts can be compassionate; they’re more disposed to communicate it through activity as opposed to words.

Naofumi has a down to earth mentality to all that he meets, while he’s oblivious in regards to others’ adoration draws near. Individuals in some cases confound him as a result of his disengaged disposition, yet he is unbelievably smart.

He takes care of his “slaves” so well that they frequently question whether he is their lord instead of the opposite way around.

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9. Kakashi Hatake

Being quite possibly of Konoha’s most capable ninja, Kakashi Hatake is an imposing soldier. In spite of his capacity, he likes to carry on with an existence of opportunity as opposed to one of order or control.

His scientific side radiates through, as he consistently takes decisions exclusively on thinking, independent of what they mean for others inwardly. Kakashi consolidates his close to home side as he develops and stresses the worth of coordinated effort.

8. Gowther

INTPs will probably associate with Seven lethal sins Gowther’s totally reasonable estimations accidentally affronting individuals. His learned person, hypothetical demeanor, as need might arise for data and understanding, would speak to any INTP.

Tragically, his endeavors to try his scholastic seeing often bring about mistakes. In spite of the disappointments, he perseveres in his endeavors.

7. Franken Stein’

Stein wants for complete opportunity to investigate his immense information in this anime. With regards to work, he’ll do whatever is expected of him. Stein’s mission for data, however, is imperative to him, and it drives him to make the judgment that isn’t the best 100% of the time.

What’s more, however much he detests letting it out, he cooperates well. Regardless of whether it aggravates him when individuals dial him back, the result is in every case more praiseworthy on the off chance that he teams up with others.

6. Tomura shigaraki

My legend the scholarly world Tomura Shigaraki, epitomizes a genuine INTP bad guy at his most wiped out and mutilated improvement stage. He understands that he can depend on himself and “One for All,” the person who saved him because of a harsh and secluded childhood.

He’s canny and disdainful, and he’ll go to any length to dispense with “All Might” and annihilate the world’s Symbol of Peace.

Aside from his harming Quirk, Shigaraki has a sharp mind and a quick scientific fitness that permits him to foresee his rivals’ goals and gifts by seeing them in real life. He is skilled at managing the unforeseen, concocting strategies on the spot and ad libbing when vital.

5. C.C.

C.C. from Code Geass was an individual from The Black Lights, an association that portrayed itself as the Champions of Japan and was known as the Eternal Witch. Her moniker alludes to her ability to recuperate from any damage given adequate time.

C.C’s. disposition changed into the INTP type because of a horrible foundation. She is separated from others and uninterested about people around her. At the point when Lelouch shows interest in her, she loses her scorn toward others.

4. Kusuo Saiki

It’s no big surprise that Saiki of Disastrous Life of Saiki K anime made our rundown as one of the most honed INTP people with mystic powers. Saiki, in spite of his unmatched splendor, has failed to remember interest around him. He isn’t searching for information like his partners but instead a shelter.

3. Lain Iwakura

In Serial Experiments Lain, This female INTP anime character Lain Iwakura is followed as she connects with The Wired, a virtual climate that is basically the Online world. Lain is a hermitic independent with few colleagues and side interests.

She, as well, doesn’t have a decent comprehension of herself. Lain is an INTP in the “genuine world” yet takes on a few character qualities for the different Lains in the series, taking into account the nature.

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2. Tsuyu Asui “Froppy.”

Top 10 Best INTP Anime Characters

“Froppy” is sharp and friendly, and she keeps a quiet head when everyone is terrified. Her essential center is deciding the most reasonable reaction to every fiasco that emerges.

Froppy is a wonderfully steady, reasonable sort in a progression of genuinely sensational characters.

1. L Lawliet

Top 10 Best INTP Anime Characters

In death note, L is the head of the Kira Investigation Team. His main goal is to trap Light Yagami (intj character) in a situation that will uncover his actual way of life as Kira and is viewed as the world’s most prominent criminal investigator.

Before Investigation Team was shaped, his main strategy for correspondence was Watari.

L addresses the INTP character type’s scholar yet remotely tumultuous attitude, which is splendid yet as often as possible underestimated.

In death note, individuals will generally condemn him excessively fast as a result of his pitiful look and absence of nuance, yet his scientific and rational capacities feature L’s mind.

As an ordinary INTP design, l has an exceptional, fair of humor and connections the associations under testing conditions.