Anime Fund’ a crowdfunding site for anime productions to launched in November

Anime Fund

Anime Fund, is a new company specialized in the crowdfunding of anime productions had set up its official website and disclosed its company details on 30th September, Thursday. Read the details of crowding company below:


Anime Fund: What’s The Aim Of The Company?

The main aim of the company is to make a new way for the anime fans and lovers who wants to supports their liked anime works and the production. It wants to welfare the anime business creating a new anime culture.


By providing the platform for the crowdfunding, it will assist the fans to have a close look to their exciting anime and the anime industry which cannot be possible to attain by other conventional ways.

Anime Fund: Other Services To Be Provided By The Company.

Not only just crowdfunding the anime production, the company will also provide the facilities and services like PR of animation, PR video production, as well as PR planning, The Broadcasting of anime including the Pre-broadcast and after broadcast.


Anime Fund: Services Provided To The Anime Fans.

The anime fans and lovers will easily support their favorite anime according to their expectations and attachment for it.

The fans will also get a return, like Credit to Anime Launch Event ”Raw Original Drawing” Limited Goods” “Limited Events”, And others.

The names of the fans will be engraved on the stone monument which will be on the Web page, it will provide them a particular status. They will also be getting the merchandise, other credits as well as key frames of the anime.

Anime Fund Company Background Details.

The Anime Fund background states that, So many fans are there who loves the anime very much and wanted to support their production and works, and till this time, there isn’t any specific platform to give their love to the anime and following these desires and meeting up their needs and also raising the profitability of anime industry, they had made this Company for the purpose of crowdfunding.

When The Service Of Anime Fund Will Be Launched?

The services will be launched on 3rd Of November, 2020.


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