Anonymous; Code Visual Novel Is confirmed to release on Fall 2021

Anonymous Code Visual Novel

During the live stream MAGES. today, that is on twenty six October Monday it was announced that a new Steins; something game, a new trailer for the upcoming science adventure spin off series visual novel Anonymous code was released. It was also announced that the game is finally releasing in the next year that is in 2021 during the Fall.


The game has been delayed twice, first in 2016 that is four years ago and then it was announced to release in this year but was again re scheduled announcing that the game will finally be released in 2021 during fall.


You can watch the video on the official Crunchyroll website. The game along with Mages has also been developed by Chiyomaru Studio. It will be released for PlayStation four and Nintendo switch.


Anonymous Code – The video game is set in a future year of 2036, during which a problem occurs called ”2036 problem”. Because of this problem, an incident has occurred which involves computers leading to destruction of major cities across the world. It is expected that this similar event will happen two years later, so in order to prevent this Gaia a supercomputer is used to create an alternate Earth. This experiment at first was inconclusive because there is a possibility that in the alternate Earth the birth rate may be less.

The protagonist in the game is Pollon Takaoka who has the ability to save and load moments.


At first the game was made and billed as a part of the Science visual spin off games to the Science adventure series which means that they are not part of the canon, but share thematic and gameplay elements and feature.

There is inclusion of  Kurisu which is real or Amadeus from the Steins; gate 0 and the words flying past are a reference to the main world lines and casts doubt on the canon.


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