ANYC Online Virtual Convention Has Been Announced For Late November


ANYC or AnimeNYC which is powered by Crunchyroll has rolled with the punches and followed the footsteps of other major conventions and has announced that it will be holding a virtual convention in the absence of a full scale event. The events in an open space have been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID pandemic situation. The virus has affected the New York City area and its nearby areas very hard.


The organizers have come together with online lifestyle brand, NTWRK so that the AnimeNYC can be hosted online across four nights in the next month, that is November.



According to the official site of Anime NYC the online convention will be held from nineteen to twenty one November of next year, as this year’s anime convention has been cancelled. However, as mentioned there can be some changes in this. t also said that the convention will be held at the Javits center which is in New York. It was built forty one years ago on eighteen June.

The fans and the participants have been disappointed by the cancellation of the event.


ANYC- This update was announced on the official Twitter account. And you can read about it on the official site of Crunchyroll as well.

There will surely be some special guests who will attend the event online and there will also be interviews and panels. The expectations from an online event might not be very high but there will also be merch sales there. More specific announcements will be announced by the end of this month.

The official site of Anime NYC which stands for New York City has also uploaded a video of the event which happened two years ago in 2018. People can book the tickets and know about the exhibitors from that site.


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