Arslan Senki: Will there be a 3rd Season? Know more about it!

Arslan Senki Season 3: The anime series of Arslan Senki has both action and adventure. This show also known as the heroic legend of Arslan first premiered five years ago in 2015. The plot of the show tells the story of Arslan, who is a young prince.



Set in the year 320, the action-adventure anime series follows the story of the war. It does not only tell you about Arslan, the young prince’s achievements but it also tells you about how he became such a great legend. T


The kingdom of Pars is ruled by the father of this young prince. It is in a state of war with the kingdom of Lusitania, it’s neighbor. The show will trace the journey of survival as the Parsian kingdom will witness its horrible fate and is betrayed by one of its own men.

Arslan Senki Season 3
Arslan Senki Season 3


Aaron Dismuke, the American voice actor gives his voice to the main legend in the show,our young prince Arslan. Daryun is voiced by Ricco Fajardo who I knew as a voice artist for both American and Japanese anime series and video games. The voice actor and voice director, Jerry Jewell gives his voice to Gieve.


The first season of this anime series which is based on Yoshiki Tanaka’s Manga released on fifth April in 2015. The show does not only focus on the adventures of Arslan the prince,it also throws some light on the social issues which were there in the year 320 (the year in which the show’s plot revolves). The second run of the series was aired in the next year in 2016 on the third July. There is no official announcement about the release date of the third run of this series, but as a lot of Manga is yet to be covered we can expect that it will release by the end of this year in 2020 or maximum by next year in 2021.


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