Assault Lily BOUQUET English Dub Has Been Announced, Cast members revealed

Recently an announcement made on Thursday by Funimation revealing the cast members of the anime Assault Lily Bouquet. The streaming of the anime’s first chapter will begin on Friday and the news is confirmed by the Company.


The Cast Members

So the cast members for English dubbing includes:

  • Sarah Wiedenheft as Riri Hitotsuyanagi
  • Dawn M. Bennett as Kaede Johan Nouvel
  • Lindsay Seidel as Yuyu Shirai

Other staff Members

  • Shouji Shaeki- The anime director ( Shouji previously worked in Medaka Box, Summer special, He is my master, etc).
  • Mieko Hosoi is the character designer ( Mieko previously worked in Grimgar, Aiura, Ashes and illusions, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju)
  • Keita Nagahara is the assistant director.
  • Kazuya Shiotsuki- Sub character designer of anime.
  • Chief animation directors- Kazuya Shiotsuki and Sota Suwa
  • Tabitha Ray- ADR director
  • Ryan Urbanovsky- ADR Lead Engineer
  • Geoff Bisente- ADR Assistant engineer
  • Madeleine Morris- ADR Scriptwriter

The opening theme song is Sacred World and on that Raise a Suilen will going to perform. And the closing theme song of the anime is Edel Lilie and the performer will be Hikaru Akao.

Assault Lily BOUQUET english
Assault Lily Bouquet

What else to know about the anime?

The anime released on 1st October 2020. And soon after the release, Funimation aired it.  The anime is delayed earlier because of the pandemic and stuff going on. And as for everyone’s safety, they delayed the premiere date. Initially, the release date set was in July 2020. And prioritizing the cast and staff members’ safety it pushed to October 1st, 2020.

The Assault Lily Project is a mixed-media franchise based on 1/12-scale action doll figures conceived by the doll maker Azone International and the creative group acus in 2013. The tagline on the anime’s website reads, “A rhapsody of petals dancing on the frontline.” The theme of the project centers around battles waged by beautiful girls with weapons.


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