Assault Lily Bouquet Upcoming TV Anime Trailer Released.

The official website of Assault Lily Bouquet Shaft’s latest anime television series following the Assault Lily Project mixed media franchise has officially announced move of its staff members along with its July 2020 release date on 23rd September. Additionally, the twitter account of the series unveiled the opening theme song artists as Bang Dream! performed by RAISE A SUILEN.

All about the Assault Lily Bouquet Anime’s Trailer Revelation!

Earlier, the website announced, the maker of He Is My Master, Mahoromatic Summer Special and Medeka Box, Shouji Saeki will be directing the anime at SHAFT accompanied by Mieko Hosoi as the designer of characters. Keita Nagahara is serving as the assistant director. While, Kazuya Shiotsuki is working as the sub character designer and also operating as chief animation with Sōta Suwa.

The Assault Lily Project comes as a mixed-media franchise following the half scale action dolls and figures come up with the doll maker Azone International along with the creative team acus of 2013.

The tagline of the anime mentioned on the website is : A prosody of petals dancing on the frontline.

The theme of the anime revolves around conflicts conducted by pretty looking girls with weapons.

Assault Lily Bouquet

The plot of the anime is stated as : In the future, the humans living on Earth have to face massive destruction caused by dangerous giant creatures called as Huge. By intertwining magic and science, the world unites in opposition of the Huge and creates a weaponry called as Charm. The Charm has high rates of con-temporisation of young women and the young women using Charm are termed as Heroes known as Lilies. The Lilies are trained in military academies to fight against Huge and guide common people.

The rest of the cast members are as follows:

  • CHARM Design : Hiyori Denforword Akishino
  • Huge Design : Hiromichi Ishida
  • Action Director : Kanta Suzuki
  • Art Director : Kouji Maruyama & Marie Kitai
  • Colour Key : Jin Hibino
  • CGI Director : Kyohei Oikawa & Hisato Shima
  • Compositing Director of Photography : Noaki Etō
  • Editing : Rei Matsubara
  • Sound Director : Toshiki
  • Music : Akito Matsuda


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