Attack on Titan chapter 132 Release Date, Spoilers and More Informations

Attack on Titan chapter 132: The attack on titans is a Japanese anime series based on fiction. The story highlights how 3 young children decide to free their world of the titans. The titans have destroyed their homeland and the children want everything back with titans gone.


Attack on Titan chapter 132 release date
Attack on Titan follows a pattern when it comes to releasing its chapters. The series usually releases a chapter every month. The information about the release date of chapter 132 was shared on the Titan Wiki twitter page. The post mentioned that “Attack on Titan” chapter 132 will be released on 9th September in Japan. The chapter will release based on the time zone of different countries.


Attack on Titan chapter 132 is the last?
Probably, this might not be the last chapter but yes, the show is moving to its end. This episode will hopefully be really interesting as all the hidden things will be disclosed. With the anime getting closer to its finale, the story really is giving us chills.

Attack on titan chapter 132

The plot of Attack on Titan chapter 132
Attack on Titan is basically all about revenge and rivalry. The Titans are the man-eating giants who have taken over the humans.
The humans trying to save their precious lives went away, built, and lived inside the three concentric walls. Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and their friend Armin Arlert were the daring humans who didn’t want to live a life of hiding and seek. They wanted to get rid of the demons.

In the previous episodes, we witnessed that Colossus Titan and Armored Titan have almost destroyed the outer wall. As they destroyed the outer wall, Eren’s mother dies, and Eren was all still and helpless. Eren was one adamant to take revenge from the titans for killing his mother. He wanted to make them pay for what they did to him.

Episode 131 focused on Eren and his dilemma. It showed us how badly he wanted freedom and what freedom really meant to him. Annie and Armin are now aware of what their heart was trying to tell them and what they were feeling. They try to accept that they are not normal and are evil monsters.

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