Awajishima no Shichifukujin Short anime will be premiering on October 5

Awajishima no Shichifukujin Short anime

Recently on Thursday, it was announced that Awajishima no Shichifukujin( Awaji Island’s Seven Gods of Fortune)  Short anime will premiere on 5 October. Here are all details about Awajishima no Shichifukujin ShortAnime.


Awajishima no Shichifukujin short anime to premiere on 5 October

The anime Awajishima no Shichifukujin ( Awaji Island’s Seven Gods of Fortune) premiered on 5 October within the Kinder Tv variety program. The announcement was made on Thursday by TV Tokyo. The new short Anime revolves around as the name suggests on the seven Gods of Fortune exiled to Awaji Island.


Plot: What is the storyline of the upcoming short anime Awajishima no Shichifukujin?

So the story of Awajishima no Shichifukujin is about the seven Gods of Fortune who reside on Awaji island. Because these seven gods slack in their duties in heaven, they are banished to Awaji island in Hyogo. And now they have to rebuild their virtues to return to the heavenly realm. So what the outcast gids do is that they grant human wishes and in such a way they accumulate points in their god phones. In addition, they performed good deeds on various auspicious days. However, despite their efforts, they tend to bring misfortune to humans. As a result, they lose their points and their stay on Awaji Island is prolonged.

Awajishima no Shichifukujin Short anime

The cast of upcoming anime Awajishima no Shichifukujin:

Following is the list of cast members of new anime shorts Awajishima no Shichifukujin.

Mao Mita as Kai

Chika Kagura as Yume

Bunjirō Katsura as Bunta

Kotomi Ishikawa as Ebisu

Alice Ayano as Benzaiten

Nana Yamada as Hotei

Tetsuya Miki as Fukurokuji

Marina Horiuchi as Miko

Cart Yang as Daikokuten

Fumiya Kumazawa as Bishamonten

Bunshi Katsura as Susanoo-no-Mikoto(narrator)


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