Bad Mood Animated Shorts By Sekai no Owari’s Vocalist Fukase Will Be Streaming on Amazon Globally

Sekai no Owari

Bad Mood ‘s official Twitter handle tweeted on Wednesday regarding the character brand of Fukase and Lead vocalist for the Sekai No Owari band. And it also revealed that the animated shorts that are based on the brand will stream on Amazon Prime Video globally. The 1st 17-minute episode which is episode 0 of the anime Bad Mood started streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It is lined with 6 episodes and all will be in English with Japanese subtitles.


The shorts follow The Pink Elephants, a fictional band with five members: Fishman, Butt, Rabbit, UFO, and Moth.



  • Daniel Duncan as Moth
  • Walter Q Jackson as Fishman
  • Graham Barker as UFO
  • Vinay Murthy as Rabbit
  • Edward Mo as Butt
  • Sachiko Relnich as additional voices

Bad Mood

Staff Members

  • Naoki Wada- Executive producer, supervising director, and music director as well
  • Music by Zac Carper
  • Executive producer- Chiaki Tanaka
  • Fukase- Lead character artist, executive producer, and original story creator
  • Akinaga Yamaguchi- art director and director
  • Line producer- Hiroko Ogawa
  • Producer- Kana Nakamura
  • Yuri Takano- lead background designer
  • Rei Isobe- Animation director and Character artist
  • Animation director- Moeka Sato and Yoshinori Miyamoto
  • Background designer- Suomi Ogura
  • Supervising sound editor- Shinyu Buchi Yamamoto
  • Sound director- Zukiro

Apart from this Sekai No Owari will perform on the theme song- Fangs. Also Sekari No Owari performed earlier for more theme songs like for the live-action movie Attack on Titan. Anti hero – the films first theme song and the second theme song of film SOS. And both of them are in English completely.

The official youtube channel of Bad Mood started streaming with episode 0 on 5th March in English with Japanese subtitles.

Japanese rock of 4 members performed on the theme songs as well. They did for the anime movie The Mary and The Witch’s flower and the live action movie Princess Jellyfish.


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