Balance Unlimited (Fugou Keiji ) Episode 8: Release Date and Streaming Information

Balance Unlimited is an anime show full of crime mysteries and comedy. The show is known for its depiction of bromance between two cops who initially hated each other.


Release date of Balance Unlimited (Fugou Keiji ) Episode 8

The Balance Unlimited (Fugou Keiji ) Episode 8 will premiere on 3rd September 2020. If you want to watch the show with subtitles then you can use Funimation. It is also broadcasted on a weekly basis in Japan on Fuji tv.


The plot of Balance Unlimited (Fugou Keiji ) Episode 8

The show revolves around the life of a dedicated and loyal cop, Haru Kato. He’s an officer at Japan’s Modern Crimes Prevention Task Force.
The first episode of the series introduced us to a character names Shinnosuke. Kamei and Shinnosuke both are officers and are given the responsibility to ensure nothing goes wrong with the Ginza Classic Car Festival.
Other officers too are appointed from their team to locate and track down a bomber who’s thought to be killing the foreign prince.
Just while everybody is following their task, a robbery takes place at a nearby jewelry store.

Balance Unlimited
During all the mess, Daisuke Kanbe bribes one of his senior officers to get promoted to his favorite apartment, and to Haru’s dismay, he ends up with him.
After all the hustle-bustle, the officers are able to catch the bomber. However, they missed the van he planted the bomb in, and the robbers who were at the jewelry store drive away with the van.
Now, there wasn’t a single problem but two, they had to defuse the bomb as well as catch the robbers. Haru and Kanbe come together to work as a team and complete their mission.
Eventually, into a car rash, the van crashes into the river. Haru immediately went to help the robbers and saved them. He also diffused the bomb and took everything under control.
Haru is quite sure that this was for the first and the last time he worked with Kanbe. Although, he’s not aware of the fact that Kanbe will be working with him for a long time even if he doesn’t want him to.


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