Beast Complex manga will start a new manga mini-series in January 2021

Beast Complex Manga: The recent 45th issue of Akita Shoten’s weekly shonen champion magazine on Thursday revealed something good incoming. It said that a new manga series will be out soon in January 2021.


What all to know about the new manga mini-series?

The original beast complex manga is licensed by Viz Media. The volume will be released in March 2021.


Description of the manga given by Viz Media:

The story revolves around a Tiger and a Beaver. They grew up together under defy peer pressure to end their such a long friendship. A journalist who literally spent over the years and years of his life on passing judgment on carnivores spends a night with the seductive wolf. A Gazelle and crocodile from saltwater have to find some way to work together as an assistant and chef for a cooking show. A chameleon wrestler and a fox having stereotypes with each other. And everything like this, it will be interesting seeing how the manga will turn out.

Beast Complex Manga
Beast Complex Manga

Majo no Tabi taba is a novel adaptation of the same name novel. It is a Japanese anime series. The last episode of the manga was premiered on Thursday. Akita Shoten published it on the same day, it was the 21st volume. It is Produced by SB creative, Lantis, Movic, Kadowaka Media House, and Kadokawa. It started airing in October. The first episode was released on 2nd October 2020.

Itagaki published the Beast Complex manga in Weekly Shōnen Champion in 2016. Akita Shoten released one volume for the manga.

The anime adaptation to be released on Netlfix on Fuji TV in Japan. The first TV anime programme block on TV Nishinippon in October 2019. In 2021 January the makers are all set to premiere the second season. It will go to air in Japan on Fuji TV.


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