Black Clover Chapter 262: Manga Release Date AndSpoilers Revealed

Black Clover Chapter 262: Guess who is back after a weekly break? Yes, black clover, Asta boy is back with their magic. Let’s find out what will happen in Chapter 262 of the black clover.


Asta has no magical powers and uses a non- magic sword to fight. But this sword helps him in becoming the wizard king. Back in the Clove Kingdom, Yami fails to win with Dante, and this puts him in a lot of trouble. Bb squad members always safe Yami from Dante, and Yami does the same for the squad.


Asta injured his right arm, and it has been wounded with some Evil black magic. The doctor says that he can’t do anything about this injury. The doctor suggested that he and other mages will take care of Asta.

The Golden Dawn has been destroyed, and the credit for that will be going to Asta and Yami. The protected everyone and the members of the BB squad now been treated kindly.


The release date for black clover chapter 262

Black clover will release a new episode every Sunday. So why this black clover chapter 262 will release on 30th August 2020. The timings will differ, and it will, according to your region. Hair we have some of the schedule timing for the Black Clover chapter 262:-

  1. Pacific Time: 9 AM on Monday, August 31
  2. Central Time: 11 AM on Monday, August 31
  3. Eastern Time: noon on Monday, August 31
  4. British Time: 5 PM on Monday, August 31

Spoilers for chapter 262

Asta is crying in pain. Asta is alone in the room and sees grimoire open itself. He understands that he is aggravating the sword of Yami. While he was leaving the room, he saw someone and ask about himself. Asta tries to go and protect Yami. That man also told him that they don’t stand a chance in opposition to Dante.

The Mysterious man also told Asta that he knows who is Asta is, and he said to him that if he loses, he will be a foolish person. And he told him if Asta can’t defeat him, he can’t even protect Yami.


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