Black Clover Chapter 262 Release Date, Previous Chapter Recap and more

Black Clover Chapter 262: Depressing, that is not the correct word for the previous chapter of Black Clover. It was more than just depressing, it was everything that could make you feel sorrowful.  Yami, the leader of Black Bulls was abducted so it is normal that chapter 261 created such vibes. We were introduced to a new character that will change the world of Black Clover.


The Black Clover manga has reached new heights. So let’s dig in some information and find what is in store for us –


Black Clover Chapter 261 Recap

The chapter started with every member of Black Bull watching the doctor treat Asta. Asta was suffering from an unknown problem and was led out of danger. The doctors were also treating Gauche was in a critical stage. At this time we see how much Grey has developed feelings for Gauche as she is very much worries. Every member of the Black Bulls was emotionally broken with Yami gone.

As the chapter continues we see Asta remembering everything and running with his sword to save Yami. A mysterious man stops him and blames him for their loss. Asta becomes so angry that he tries to use his demon destroyer but the mysterious person has powerful magic. Asta was so angry at this that he pulls out his demon destroyer and attacks the man but he holds Asta down with his magic. Asta loses control over himself when he realizes that he is too week to save Yami. Later, the mysterious man introduces himself as Nacht and offers to help Asta.

Black Clover Chapter 262

Black Clover Chapter 262 Release Date

The channel releases a new chapter every Monday, so we will see the new chapter, Black Clover chapter 262 on Monday, 31 August 2020.

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