Black Clover Episode 146 : Release Date, Preview, And Much More!

Black Clover Episode 146:  Anime has a good generic beginning, as the story moves forward and the characters are progressed you’ll start enjoying to watch this anime. The anime features some of the iconic classic battle scenes.
Here, is everything you need to know about Black Clover anime’s upcoming episode and other latest details.


Black Clover Episode 146 Release Date

Black Clover Episode 146 named as ‘Those Who Worship Devils’ is slated to premiere on October 6, 2020.


Where To Watch Black Clover anime?

The English translation of Black Clover anime is accessible on Funimation, one can also stream its Japanese audio with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Black Clover Episode 145 Review

Black Clover is centred in the Kingdom of Hage. Yami tells Asta and Gauche to relax and wait for their comeback. Meanwhile, at the executive ground, Nero and Marie are trapped by the team of Devil Banishers. Damnatio is stressed about Kabwe justice can risk the lives of innocent people. The Devil Banishers group wants the assassination of Asta as he is the main reason of all the mess. They stated that if Asta submits himself to them they will free Marie and Nero. Asta shows up and argues with the villagers. The Devil Banishers asks Asta they find out that it is Grey posing as Asta. Asta (real one) saves Marie and Nero. Asta gives the Devil Banishers his grimore and gets handcuffed, while Yuno joins the conflict. In the battle, Asta and Marie are saved but Devil Banisher takes away Nero and Kabwe.

Asta determines that he will save Nero and also takes back his grimore from them. Kabwe conveys a message to the kingdom, revealing they’re devil believers and want to just gain powers.

What happens next? Will see in the 146th episode of the anime till then stay tuned.


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