Blood Of Zeus Season 2 Every Details About It’s Releasing

Blood of Zeus released with a bang and grabbed much attention making it a hit. Now fans want to know about the comeback of the gods and Heron. Blood of Zeus is a Netflix original anime. And recently two new seasons have ordered. The series is created by Vlas And Charley Parlapanides.


Renewal Status

Recently the Blood of Zeus has renewed for Season 2 by Powerhouse and Netflix. On 3rd December 2020, the series has been renewed for seasons 2 and 3. the series first season received a rating of 7.7 out of 10 which is quite good.


Release Date

Till now no confirmed release date is out yet. But the expected release date is in summer 2021. Calculating the time taken by the first season for productions and release it was 18 months and after that season 2 will be released in near about summer 2021.

Season 2 will go into productions this new Year by Powerhouse Studios and Netflix.

Also if there will be any delay due to COVID-19 or anything the release will be pushed further to autumn of 2021.

Blood Of Zeus Season 2

Expected Plot

So the questions that arise for Season 2 are: Will Seraphim kneel before Hades? ; Leader of Gods of Olympics?; And the fate of Hera.

Hades has given the opportunity to seraphim to serve him and that would be done by Seraphim kneeling down. Seraphim has no choice other than to serve Hades. But he will definitely be going to somehow survive and come out of Hades group.

In season 1 Zeus is gone and there is no one to rule over the Gods of the Olympics. As for the new leader Heron will be selected as he is compatible and can lead the way correctly.

In season 2 Hera might not be the main antagonist for everyone but still, Hera will going to increase troubles in the life of Heron.


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