Bonus Chapters of Demon Slayer will debut this Sunday

Demon Slayer bonus chapters

The manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba is releasing some bonus chapters for its fans on the weekend. The fans of the manga were sad after the series ended, so the creator and illustrates of manga decided to release some extra content. The promised neverland also ended, chapters for it will also release.



The English publisher, Shonen jump production announced about the bonus content on its official twitter account. The English version will release at the same time as the version releasing in Japan. This has made the fans more happy.


The manga will be available on the app and on crunchy roll site as well. Koyoharu Gotoge who is the writer and illustrator of the manga is a Japanese manga artist. The serialization started publishing in 2016, that is four years ago.

Demon Slayer bonus chapters

All the volumes of the series got completed in the month of May of this year, that is 2020. There are a total of twenty two volumes. The dark fantasy adventure manga became the best manga series in this month, that is October.


There is also an anime TV series of the same name which aired in the last year, that is 2019. The first episode premiered in the month of April on sixth. Everyone is excited about the release of the chapters of the manga as it will be surely entertaining and adventurous.

The manga basically focuses on a young boy with a very good heart, Tanjiro Kamado. He is very intelligent, but his life changes when he is forced to earn for his family alone, after his father died. Again his life changes when he is asked to be trained as a demon slayer when his whole family gets attacked by a demon.

After only he and his sister are spared, incidentally the adventure begins.


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