Bonus Chapters of THE PROMISED NEVERLAND will debut this Sunday


THE PROMISED NEVERLAND, fans were unhappy after hearing that their favourite dark fantasy manga series is going to end soon.


But to make their face shine, and to bid them a good farewell, the series makers are all here to launch a bonus chapter of the series. I know you all are excited for this? Right? So what are you waiting for, fetch more details in the article below.


Bonus Chapters of THE PROMISED NEVERLAND will debut this Sunday:

Rejoice Manga Fans! As THE PROMISED NEVERLAND, series is going to come with its special bonus chapters this Sunday on 4th of October 2020.

Shonen Jump made this announcement on its official Twitter account on October 1, 2020.

More About The Bonus Chapters:

Shonen Jump has embedded a link in the tweet through which the fans can read it for free.

What The Bonus Chapters Will Have In Store For Us?

The bonus chapter of the THE PROMISED NEVERLAND will be centering around the Minerva’s Code


Where The Bonus Chapter Will Release?

The bonus chapters for the manga series PROMISED NEVERLAND will release on the official app of the Shonen Jump.


The manga series revolves around three people, Norman, Emma and Ray, who live together with other orphans.

All of them were enjoying a joyful life but their happiness is short lived as all the three lead members of the manga series got to know that the orphanage is not a usual orphanage like the others but a farm where the children are being raised and after some time they are hand overed to demons for the purpose of eating.

Kaiu Shirai is the writer for this manga series, and it was published by Shueisha. The manga has been published for 20 volumes, the last one released on 2 October 2020,which is the final one for the manga.


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