Boruto Episode 161: Release Date and Spoilers!


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a Japanese anime show.


Release of Boruto episode 161

It made its first release on April 5, 2017, and has given us a total of 160 episodes till now. It is basically a sequel of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto.
The series is all set to launch its 161 Episode on 16th August and this is confirmed. The Boruto series follows a pattern or a schedule of releasing its episodes. Each episode of the series is premiered every Sunday. The title of the upcoming episode is so imaginary, it reads as “The Castle of Nightmares”.
Fans are way too excited for this episode and are expecting a lot from this one.


The plot of Boruto episode 161

In the upcoming episode, we’ll see a little girl who was poisoned because of the land of silence. Boruto is the one who’ll become her lifesaver and find a cure for her illness. In his journey of finding the cure, he comes across another mystery of a missing man.
A trailer has already been out for the episode. Everything looks outstanding, from the graphics to the creativity.
The story also has a twist when Boruto finds out that the Harishama cells are the cure, he also finds out that they aren’t as simple as they appear. The cells are extremely detrimental to a human body and can cause more suffering than calmness. As always there is a solution to this problem too and now the whole team is willing to take all the hurdles to get it.

Just a few more days and you’ll be able to watch it.
Stay updated with us to get more information about the show and until then you can binge-watch other episodes of the series.

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