Boruto: Team 7 Meets Attack On Titan in This Apocalyptic Crossover

Boruto Attack On Titan Crossover: Attack on Titan is a dark series created by Hajime Istayama. And the series has been thrown for a loop many times as it approaches the conclusion. Hence fans can exoergic many surprises in the future.


Attack on Titan with a spin-off or sequel?

Fans of Attack on Titan are in a dilemma whether the series will return with a spin-off or a sequel. However, the creator has stated that they will be taking some time off.


About Boruto Naruto next generations

During the course of the series Boruto Naruto Next Generations, many dark moments were offered. But surely it had nothing to do with  Attack in Titan. It is an insanely mature series. But one of the fans imagined how Konoha’s team 7 would look like members of the survey corps. And how would they look like Titans?

Because of a threat of war between Marley and Eldia, a new survey corps was formed. Now it was the responsibility of the new generation to protect Hidden Leaf village. Attack on Titan is moving towards its finale. But there are no signs of slowing down. This is because Kohona is fighting with the Kara organization. Their leader is quite strong and is in Jigen.


What about the fusion of team 7 and survey corps of the attack on titan?

It’s a coincidence that the release of both animes is delayed due to the COVID pandemic. Choco15Lesly is a twitter artist who shared a fusion of Team 7 and the survey corps of Attack on titan.

What will be more interesting? The series portraying the story of Kohana ends with the incarnation of team seven.  Or will it be more interesting if Boruto will receive a Shippuden series? That too of his own with a time skip.

So what are your views about this insane anime fusion? let’s wait till we get any further updates regarding the same.

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