Bungo Stray Dogs’ spin-off gag anime ‘Wan!’ will be releasing in January 2021

As per the announcement made by the official website of the anime, Bungo Stray Dogs Wan will air from January next year. The upcoming TV anime is based on the spin-off manga of Bungo Stray Dogs. Bones and Nomad have to be credited for the animation of the tv anime adaptation.


Bungo Stray Dogs Wan

Kafka Asagiri is the writer of the comedy spin-off anime. Further, the anime is illustrated by Sango Harukawa. In addition, the franchise released details about the cast and staff of the upcoming anime. Also a new visual for the anime has been unveiled.


Characters of the anime are designed by Hiromi Daimi and Kazuyuki Fudeyasu is in charge of the script. Further, the anime is directed by Satonobu Kikuchi at Bones and Nomad.

Yen Press will publish the manga in English. The anime  Bungo StrayDogs is based on the seinen manga series of which Kafka Asagiri is the writer and Sango Harukawa is the illustrator. Also, since 2012, the series has been serialised in magazine Young Ace. So the story of Bungo Stray Dogs revolves around the members of the Armed Detective agency. The series centres on Atsushi Nakajima who joins those people who have supernatural powers. Such people can accomplish different tasks like solving mysteries and can run a business. Also, they are assigned by the mafia to complete certain missions.

Bungo Stray Dogs

The cast of Bungo Stray Dogs: Wan

Following is the cast of the spin-off gag manga Bungo StrayDogs Wan. These are from the previous time and will release their roles in the upcoming spin-off. These include:

Yuti Uemura as Atsushi Nakajima

Yoshimasa Hosoya as Doppo Kunikida

Kensho Ono as Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Mamoru Miyano as Osamu Dazai

Sumire Morohoshi as Kyoka Izumi

Kisho Taniyama as Chuya Nakahara



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