Burning Kabaddi TV Anime Teaser Visual released

Burning Kabaddi TV Anime: Here is good news for all Kabaddi lovers. Soon there will be an anime adaptation of the tenacious game Kabaddi. The sport will be seen on anime silver screen for the first time.


Kabaddi is a well-known game in south Asian countries. It is a full-contact sport played between two teams. Jn Rugby you have to play with balls, however, Kabaddi focusses on tagging other team players.


Release Date of Burning Kabaddi TV anime:

According to the official website of the anime, Burning Kabaddi is scheduled to release in April 2021. Recently the website has revealed new visuals of the protagonists Tatsuya Hoigoshi and Masato Oujou.

The cast of TV anime adaptation Burning Kabaddi :

Following is the cast of the anime:

Role of Tatsuya Yoigoshi will be played by Yuuma Uchida    (Uenoyama Ritsuka )

Role of Masato Oujou    will be played by Nobuhiko Okamoto    (Nishinoya Yuu).

Burning Kabaddi TV Anime

The staff of TV anime adaptation Burning Kabaddi:

Following is the staff of Burning Kabaddi.

Kazuya Ichikawa    (Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy) is the director of the anime.

Yuuko Kakihara    (Cells at Work )has composed the series.

Mari Takada(    Bakugan: Battle Planet) is the character designer.

Ken Itou    (Hnada-kun) has to be credited for the music of the anime.

The franchise will be animated by TMS Entertainment. Also, in July a short PV portraying the difficulty of the game was released. 

More About Burning Kabaddi:

The manga Burning Kabaddi had its debut in 2015. The manga is by Hajime Musashino. Further, it was serialized by Shogakukan in Manga ONE app. So there is a character named Tatsuya Yoigoshi who hates sports and seems to be a joke to him. However, he is invited to join a Kabaddi club in his school. Soon his views change once he watches a kabaddi match.


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