Chika Shiomi to launch a new manga ‘Ame no Ori no Siren’ on October 6

Chika Shiomi is an eminent manga artist. Her innate talent has led her to create some brilliant pieces of provocative horror stories that appeal to both shojo and shonen readers. Her works are engaging and will surely give you goosebumps.


Chika Shiomi’s Upcoming manga series

The October issue of Akita Sholten’s Mystery Bonita magazine revealed on Saturday Chika Shiomi is going to release her new manga series titled Ame no Ori no Siren (The Siren of the Rain Cage) in the magazine next issue that will come out on October 6.


Ame no Ori no Siren(The Siren of the Rain Cage) is a spin-off series to Shiomi prominent manga series Key Jack. The series will now revolve around Ninomiya, an ace police detective.

The Key Jack manga was first released in 1999. While Key Jack; teenage Edition was released in 2011. It had two sequels Key Jack: Deadlock launched in 2016 and Key Jack: Keep-Alive launched in 2018.  Shiomi recently finished Key Jack: Keep-Alive Manga on July 6. Anita Shoten is going to ship the third and final volume in October.


Key Jack Synopsis

It is of genre fantasy, mystery, and romance. It tells the story of Mikuriya Aki who possesses the power to unlock any door he wants. He uses his abilities to steal anything for his clients. He charges a soaring fee of one million yen each time commits robbery. That why Mikuriya is named Key Jack.

Chika Shiomi’s other works

Chika Shiomi has published many short stories and long-running manga comics. During her career, she has gained a reputation in Japan and abroad. She debuted with the manga Todokeru Toki O Sugitemo (Even if the Time for Deliverance Passes) Her work includes:



Key Jack

Nanatsu no Kururi

Night of the Beasts


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