Citrus Season 2 : Everything A Fan Should Know!

Citrus Season 2: It is a Japanese yuri manga series, created by Saburouta. An anime television series adaptation, consisting of 12 episodes by Passione, premiered between January and March 2018. It was directed by Takeo Takahashi.


The series follows, the story of Yuzu Aihara, a fun-loving fashionable city girl, transfers to a new neighborhood and High school as her mother remarries another man. Yuzu is more engrossed with boys and fashion than studying, she struggles to adjust at conservative girls’ school and often clashes with Mei Aihara, the beautiful and hardworking student council. The story moves forward with a twist, as Mei happens to be Yuzu’s step-sister, with whom she has to share a bedroom. As they stay together, the animosity lessens and they both learn more about each other.
While the confusion grows as Yuzu starts developing romantic feelings for her step-sister Mei.


Its been two years, since the anime season one premiered but the yuri series haven’t got ready for a follow-up season.

Here, is everything a fan should know about Citrus Season 2.

Is Citrus returning for season 2?

Sadly, Studio Passione has not yet officially renewed Citrus for a season 2.

In spite, the yuri series having a huge fan base, it received low ratings and unfavorable reviews on IMDB and My anime list. Hence, the Studio Passione may be discouraged from renewing the anime series for a second season.

Source material available for Season 2

The season 1 of Citrus ended with completing the fourth volume of the original manga. Hence, there’s a possibility the season 2 will pick up the plot from there.

The original manga series consists of 10 volumes, so we have six more volumes left to explore. Season 1 concluded in October 2018 but the source material is preoccupied with the Japanese yuri.

In November 2019 Mangaka Saburoto also created a spin-off series Citrus Plus and it was a huge hit. Fans are hoping, that the anime adaptation will be returning for a second season as plenty of source material is available.


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