CLAMP’s New Tokyo Babylon 2021 TV Anime will be animated by GoHands

On Monday, that is twenty six October the official YouTube channel of King amusement creative announced that CLAMP’s Tokyo Babylon manga is inspiring a TV anime series next year that is in 2021 which will be called Tokyo Babylon 2021.


GoHands (K) studio is producing this latest new anime’s set in Tokyo itself so that it can be completed by next year.



The story of the manga is featured in the past year of 1991, during which Japan’s bubble economy is going through its last days and money and elegance run through the streets. And beneath those streets run the current of darkness which is nourishing the dark spirits which only Japan’s legendary oculists, known as arts of the onmyoji can fight from.

The most powerful two onmyoji are in the unlikely disguise of a veterinarian who is young and handsome, known as Seishiro and the other is Subaru who is the teenage heir to the ancient Sumeragi clan.

Tokyo Babylon 2021


The manga was also published in English translation by two publication houses; Tokyopop and Dark Horse comics. The latter was the one to describe the story line of the manga. a live action film was also adapted from the manga in 1993.

If you want to see a video uploaded regarding the same you can watch it on the digital platform of Crunchyroll, it has also uploaded a visual.

The manga was serialized in South and Monthly magazines of Shinshokan by CLAMP. The serialization happened from 1990 to 1993, that is took a total of three years to do so. Seven regular compiled volumes and then five volumes in the smaller bunko paper size were also printed by Shinshokan. A three volume keepsake edition has also been published since then by Kadokawa.

The seven regular volumes of the CLamp manga were published in English translation by Tokyopop and after that Dark horse comics also published the manga.


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