Deca Dence Episode 11: When will it release? Know more about it!

Deca Dence Episode 11: Well, how this show starts, everyone thinks that it is a rip off of attack on Titan, but it turns out really different from what Attack on Titan is. If we see Deca Dence and the attack of Titan have the same Universe but still different. So let’s find out what will happen in episode 11.


Deca Dence is an action science fiction which was premiered on 8 July 2020. The series is something that anyone can enjoy in the form of an anime or the form of a game.


Plot for Deca Dence

The story of decadence shows the extinction of humans. Monsters took upon humans and enjoyed the power that humans enjoyed. And only a small number of humans were able to survive.

Deca Dence Episode 11

So one day, a hero, Natsume, arrived and fought with the villains, but humans were not out of danger. He decided to fight with the villain until the humans are out of trouble. So in this episode, we will see that is Natsume able to Save humans?

The release date for Deca Dence episode 11

Episode 11 of deca dence will release on 16 September 2020. Here are the release date and time for episode 11:-

  1. 7:29 AM PDT, September 16
  2. 10:29 AM EDT, September 16
  3. 2:29 PM UTC, September 16
  4. 3:29 PM BST, September 16
  5. 4:29 PM CEST, September 16
  6. 12:29 AM AEST, September 17

You can watch episode 11 of decadence on Funimation and Hulu. You can also find the dubbed version of episode 11 on Funimation on November 4. Because right now, Funimation if lacking behind with eight episodes, and till November 4, you can see all the English dub version off the show.

Let’s see in the next episode will the gears and tankers able to save them from the villains and will the human be able to survive the extinction. So stay tuned to know more about what fate has written for Natsume. And the human ability to survive in the world. know more, stay connected.


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