Deca Dence Episode 9 Release Date And More Information

Deca Dence Episode 9: It is a sci-fi anime series written by Hiroshi Seko. The show is left with only 3 episodes until it gets over. Fans are upset as well as excited as the show is leading to its finale.


Release date of Deca Dence Episode 9

Deca Dense follows a schedule when it comes to releasing its episodes. The series releases one episode on every Wednesday.
The previous episode of Deca Dence was released on 26th August 2020. The 9th episode of the show will air on 3rd September 2020. The timing of the release os going to be 11:30 p.m based on japan’s timings.


Where can we watch the episodes of Deca Dence?

One can access Hulu or Funimation to watch the episodes of Deca Dence. However, the episodes are in Japanese language but you need nit to worry as they do have English subtitles.

Sneakpeak into the previous episode of Deca Dence

Natsume wasn’t able to save Karungi which was bothering her so much as she was regretting about it. Gadol factory was in danger as Kaburagi went to destroy it.
In the mission to destroy Gadol factory, Kaburagi was assisted by Donatello to sneak him into the factory. Natsume wasn’t going to look back as she was full of anger because the gadol factory was the reason behind her pitiful youth.

Deca Dence Episode 9

Finally, with the help of Donatello, kaburagi sneaked in. Both of them succeeded in finding the real body of kaburagi inside the factory. Although, things were about to get messed up as the owner of Gadol Factory somehow understood that something’s wrong. He suspected that Donatello and Kaburagi are doing something. He immediately ordered to close the factory and the system to stop them from accomplishing their mission.

In the upcoming episode, we’ll get to see what happens to both of then as the boss of Gadol factory knows that they are there. Also, kaburagi’s friends are waiting for him to arrive in another world.

We are curious if Donatello and Kaburagi will be able to rescue the body of Kaburagi? Let’s just wait till 3rd September and then everything will be cleared with the new episode.


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