Deca Dence Season 2: Release Date & More Updates!

Deca Dence Season 2: The audience is getting more and more fond of post apocalyptic drama than any other dramas like old school. One such anime which has got a lot of popularity in recent times is Deca Dence which was similar to attack of titans during its beginning, and the viewership it has been able to gather in a short span of time is great. But as the series has progressed, it has given more than what people expected.


After the first season of the anime got completed, the anime gained a lot of popularity and viewers and fans are now eager for the arrival of the second season.



The second season of Deca Dence web, TV anime series will be delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and will most probably release in 2022, that is after two years. The season one of the anime aired in the month of July on eighth in this year. The first run comprised a total of twelve episodes.

Deca Dence Season 2
Deca Dence Season 2


This new modern anime is not just any other average or common anime. It has a different theme which features post apocalyptic theme, and the anime progressively emits its own aura. The anime, a science fiction is a must watch. The anime also has a unique and new generation characterization, plot and for sure a unique theme. With all these traits together, the anime is one of the highly rated and most viewed anime of this year.

It is very possible that the second season will be there, keeping in mind the success of the first run. Although as of now there is no official announcement regarding the upcoming season. It is featured in a future year, of 2400. Natsume is the main character of the anime, and the anime revolves around it and wants to be a warrior.


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