Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 227 Release Date, Spoilers, And More

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 227: It is also known as Diamond no Ace 2 is an adaptation of the famous manga series, Ace Of Diamond, After a break of nearly a week, it is again coming with its Chapter 227,whose details had been covered below.


Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 227: When It Will Be Released?

The chapter 227 of Diamond no Ace Act II will be available to the fans on 1st of October Thursday, Though the series sometimes keeps changing the release schedule and takes a break in while because of some problems and interruptions the date do varies but although it’s quite general that the new chapters of the manga series get release on every Thursday.


Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 227: What Happened In The Previous Chapter 226

Amahisa Kousei who is in third year and also basically a right handed pitcher is on the ground. We saw him pitching all the 9 innings of game and only making up 2 runs. In QF he stood on the Dugout and was practicing and making himself ready for the finals ,Kuramochi makes himself ahead for batting Amahisa Kousei doesn’t care about the people’s opinions whether they will make an image of him as a slow starter for the game and consider him week at the opening.

He decided confidently that from this day he will show everyone that he is now improves , For this he throws out a very fast ball which was coming towards Kuramochi who had hit the ball  in the field’s center, which turns out to be a good shot and a start for the game by hitting a ball with 151kmph speed, moreover he had an increase in the batting average of him and was all good on the base

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 227

Alog with him,Kominato goes for the bat box being the next second baseman player and then Kuramochi couldn’t make much of the game and gets out Amahisa Kousei becomes very happy with this and said that he generally dislike this fact when people thought that he will only throw out the pickoffs

He is elated to see Kuramochi being out and only wants to show a complete different skill set of him which is opposite of people’s opinions. He also wished to out Kominato soon Kominato then stated that he will not make this happen

Amahisa Kousei then again throughs out a very fast ball by which Kominato couldn’t make a shot and had misses all It became a ball hit attack from Amahisa who wanted to showcase his newstyle to everyone which is similar the way Sawamura had done earlier.

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 227: Is Their Any Spoiler Updates?

Sadly we didn’t get any spoiler for the Chapter 227, but we probably think that it will be continue on the match which was going on in previous chapters.


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