Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 228: Release Date, Spoilers, and much more!

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 228: The battle is on, and Amahisa wants to show Sedou that he can be on the same level as Sawamura. Amahisa throws a fastball, and Kominato hits that and makes a strikeout. Kominato is failing to control his bat due to the last fastball. Kominato has no idea what Amahisa threw at him and thinks of the straight ball.


Daiya no Ace- Act II is also known by its alternative Diamond no Ace 2. In this Manga, we have witnessed the biggest High School baseball tournament in Japan. Sedou is one of the most dangerous and powerful teams who want to win at all cost.


Release date of chapter 228 of Diamond no ace act II

Every Thursday, there is a new chapter for Diamond no Ace Act II. So accordingly, chapter 228 will release on 8th October 2020.

Sometimes the chapters got delayed due to any interruption, so you check it on when the chapter is coming or not. Anyway, we keep updating you regarding the next chapter.

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 228

Previously in chapter 227

Amahisa is throwing a fastball a combination of 150kmph fastball with a slider of 140kmph. Sedou’s coach and other players are very furious and shocked to see how outstanding Amahisa’s performance. Sedou players are compelled to keep their defence strong and healthy, and the real game starts now. At the top of the 2nd, batting on the 4th is the 1st baseman, Hoshida.

Hoshida is on the Tokyo representative team. Miyuki knows how strong he is. Sawamura is trying to figure out how to take down the 1st baseman. Here comes a real test for Sawamura can simply deal with a pitch thrown to him. He throws, making it a swing and a miss. In the next one, Sawamura throws no. 5.

Hoshida sends it flying to the CF they miss to catch it, and Sawamura is stunned that his number 5 didn’t work out. The 2nd runner is making his run with no out. Sankou changed their game strategy, and they are taking the lead.

Let’s see in the next chapter if Sawamura can come up with a new strategy before they fell down. You can catch up with new chapters on Manga One magazine. To know more about anime, stay tuned.


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