Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 230: Released Date and more details!


Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 230: Sawamura is managing to show the Sankou players that he is the number one ace and the real Seidou. Amahisa is getting ready to reply to the damages which have been cause by Sawamura and he fires a fast curve ball which is sent to the center field. He does this at the bottom of the second. Seidou high is getting attacked and Miyuki Kazuya steps up into the batter box and Amahisa notices that Miyuki has improved.


The two hundred thirty chapter of diamond no ace act II will release on twenty two October which is a Thursday. The manga releases a new chapter every week on a Thursday if there are no delays or breaks in the week.  Do not miss the chapter, and we will tell you the time too as soon as possible.

There are also delays due to the ongoing pandemic crisis as the COVID virus has disrupted schedule for most series and movies.

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 230
Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 230


In the two hundred twenty nine chapter, which was the previous chapter of the manga Amahisa fires the cannon and challenges Miyuki by asking him what he will do about it. We also read in this chapter that Zono is out but he still keep showing up on the sixth CF where Toujou is batting.

The battle is on the eighth batter: pitcher Amahisa has stepped up and it is the final decision time between two Aces Sawamura and Amahisa. Amahisa smiles at Sawamura ready for Sawamura to prove him what he can do and how he can perform. As Sawamura makes two strikes Miyuki thinks that there is no need for him to show the new pitch. The battle between the two Aces continues.

Sawamura’s plan will be revealed in this upcoming chapter. You must read the manga if you like sports, and action.


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