Digimon Adventure Episode 16: Release date, Preview, and much more!

Digimon Adventure Episode 16

Digimon Adventure Episode 16: It stands as the eighth anime series of the  Digimon franchise. It is a reboot of its own same-named anime television series of the year 1999. It aired on the platform of Fuji TV in the month of April 2020, till now it had released 15 episodes and now will be releasing its 16th episode, for which we have covered all the relevant details in the post below.


Digimon Adventure Episode 16: Release Date

The episode 16 of the anime series Digimon Adventure will release on 20th September, Sunday


Digimon Adventure: What Happened In the Previous Episode?

Yukidarumon wishes to kill Piyamon but in between Sara appears and like a shield, covers her from the attack of snow Gomamon was seen calling the marching fishes and argues with Yukidarumon, in between we see that the body of Sara is been occupied with ice Yamato instructs Gabumon to destroy the pile of ice with the help of his claws. Mammon starts off with increasingly pushing the mountain created by snow and ends up creating a landslide of snow that falls on Yamato and other ones.

Taichi along with others tries to stop Kiwimon who is causing the havoc. Mimi is responsible for making them out of control for her own demand of riding on them. Kiwimon search for them and bring back tem to the correct track. Meanwhile, Garurumon was saving Yamoto from snow which falls on him . Sora’s leg are still occupied Yukidarumon ice which was later discovered as a Ice virus. A fight took place between Joe and Gomamon latter carried Sora, Piyamo, and Yamato for their safety

Joe calls up Zudomon and then enter in a super evolution, Zudomon reveals the Iron Hammer used for lightning and bumps the head of Mammon with it along with Yukidarumon, and meanwhile, Sora was treated with fire which helps in the melting of covered ice.

Digimon Adventure: Episode 16 Plot Prediction 

Episode 16 has the title as The Jet-black Shadow Invades Tokyo. In this episode we will see Izumi Koshiro, Mimi Tachikawa, as well as Yagami Taichi, moving by a cave for the purpose of meeting Yamato, meanwhile, in their exit, they address a similar Tokyo Landscape and now Taichi and his other friends got in the middle of confusion on whether they returned in the real world or not. Though they decide to go back to their home, but there is something peculiar and something different in the city but they cannot figure that out, in between this, they meet another Digimon having numerous eyes named as Eyesmon.


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