Digimon Adventure Episode 17 : Release Date, Preview, and much more!

Digimon Adventure Episode 17: It is an 90s Japanese anime series developed by Akiyoshi Hongo. It is produced by Toei Animation.


The latest updates of the Digimon Adventure follows: Yamato’s team managing to conquer the group of Mammon and Yukidarumo. While, Taichi’s team is seen in the city. They’re both astonished after feeling that they’re returned in the real world. Taichi’s team and Digmon are joyful to see the city all fine. The power cut is normal and not dangerous. Taichi asks about the end of the disaster and at present Tokyo is safe and saved. They are flabbergasted and wondering how that happened because yet they haven’t found Holy Digimon.


Here is everything you need to know about Digimon Adventure Episode 17!

Release Date of Digimon Adventure Episode 17

Digimon Adventure Episode 17 is scheduled to premiere on 27 September, 2020 at 9:00 AM JST. Every new episode of the anime releases on Sunday each week.

Digimon Adventure Episode 17

Review of Digimon Adventure Episode 16

Mimi feels cheerful as she can take shower. Both roam around the city and return home thinking that Sora has taken care of Digimon, which caused disaster in the city. Mimi and Palmon enters a restaurant to have some food and they learn that the seller of the food is a human robot. Later, they start feeling that everything is a trap, meanwhile Agumon saves Mimi from human robot. Taichi finds out that human robot transforms into a Digimon and is accompanied by other Digimon allies.

They battle with them and then decides to elope and hide themselves. Mimi inquires why Digimon is in Tokyo and Taichi replies, it is possible that they came back when they were not at the location. Taichi requests Agumon to help him and Agumon transforms into Greymon and makes use of Megaflame to destruct everything.


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