Dr. Stone Chapter 169 Release Date, Spoilers and much more!

Dr. Stone Chapter 169: The chapter one hundred sixty ninth chapter of Dr. Stone which is a very famous Japanese manga collection. The manga becomes very exciting as each chapter is introduced and it will just fit or even go beyond your expectations. The manga series is a total pack and has everything, adventure, action and mystery. This is one of the main reasons fans love it so much, because it has so much to offer.


All the fans and even the critics are excited for this new chapter of Dr. Stone. There was an official announcement that the new chapter will be released on eleventh or on twelfth October of this year, 2020.

This Sunday will be more than just a boring weekend, as you will this amazing manga to read. It is in a blueprint form, that the manga is distributed.

Dr. Stone Chapter 169
Dr. Stone Chapter 169


The plot of the chapters of Dr. Stone manga have not only been appreciated by the audience but also by critics and musicians. The manga has been crated and illustrated by  Richirio Inagaki.

The manga show first made its debut three years ago in 2017 and has received a positive response since then. The manga or arcade series has published a total of seventeen volumes till now.

In the last chapter of the manga we saw that the next chapter may lead to Max running into Luna who is tied and captured. He will also see how his inspirations will come together and the he will work on it.. Either Max will decide to help her, or someone else will come to the rescue.

To know this you will have to read the hundred sixty ninth chapter of Dr. Stone. To watch this chapter you can check out the official website of Shueisha , the release date has also been announced there.


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