Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64: Release Date, Spoilers, and much more!

Chapter 64 of Dragon Ball Super is all ready to air this month. The chapter will bring to its fans the final fight between Morro and Goku. Read the further article carefully as it contains spoilers. Even in the time of the pandemic, the chapter has been able to come on schedule.


Written by Akira Toriyama, the chapters of the series became very popular not only among children but also among adults. First released three years ago in 2017 in English translation, it has completed sixty three chapters till now.



The Sixty-fourth chapter of the Dragon Ball Super will release on eighteen September, Friday  2020. In the previous chapter of we saw that Goku has become extremely aggressive now as Meerus, his friend is missing. And the character will perfect the Ultra instinct move to defeat Morro.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64


After Meerus disappears for breaking the rules and laws of the angels to take away and soak the powers of Morro, Goku becomes angry and upset as he always thought of him as his mentor.

Goku will also reveal that he is also now defending the earth and his main goal is to defeat Morro. He will implement the moves that Meerus taught him and he will balance all his powers and emotions to defeat Goku.

Readers of the manga are glad that the chapter is ahead of schedule and they will not have to wait more to know how Morro will come to his end. And how Goku will save the earth.

The fans can read the chapter in the English language as well bh visiting the site of Manga plus or Shonen Jump. These will provide the copies without any cost.

For more spoilers you can check YouTube and some sketches of the new chapter have also been revealed on the site.


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