Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 : Release Date, Spoilers, And Much More

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65: It has been around us for more than 36 years now, but it still remains one of the biggest franchises in the world. Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to the original manga that had begun serialization in 2015. But the manga began releasing in English only after 2017.


So here’s everything you need to know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter65, including its release date, spoilers, and much more.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter65 – When will it release?

Chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super is scheduled to release on Tuesday, October 20, 2020. This new chapter will be released at midnight JST.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 – What happened in the previous chapter?

In chapter 64, we saw Moro was shocked due to the transformation. Jaco surprisingly looked at the new silver hair of Goku, as Goku started to move towards Moro. Scared Moro unleashed a circle razor power, however, Goku launched brutal attacks on him. He told Moro that he won’t harm the Earth anymore.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65

Their fight continues, where both of them were using punches, dodging each other. Goku’s one hand landing and massive punches on Moro’s face were overpowered. Moro couldn’t do anything and in a fit of rage landed a final blow, which he unfortunately missed and hit on the ground. He asks Goku how he is dodging him like that to which he reveals his body is acting on its own. These were some of the new powers of his technique.

When others didn’t believe him, he unleashes his powerful Kamehameha and cuts Moro into pieces. Upon regenerating, he had to face massive punches and is send up to the sky. When he falls to the ground, he coughs blood. Goku asked him whether he had learned his lesson.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 – Are there any spoilers?

As of now, no spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter65 have been revealed. However, the upcoming chapter will conclude the Goku vs Moro battle. We will also get to know whether Moro will get killed by Goku or will the Z fighter spare his opponent’s life. More information can be expected to be revealed around October 17th.


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