Dragon Quest: Adventures of Dai Cross Blade Manga to launch on October 1

Dragon Quest adventure of Dai cross blade

Another spin-off of Dragon Quest: adventure of Dai cross blade. The creators of the show are adding one more franchise to Dragon quest with its upcoming spin-off Manga. Hair all the information regarding the anime.


According to Weekly Shonen Jump’s Twitter account, the renowned franchise will release a spin-off manga titled Dai no Daiboken Cross Blade.


Release date dragon quest

Yoshikazu Amami writes it and going to Premiered on 1st October 2020 and will be published in the November issue of Saikyo Jump. The anime’s story will centre on the adventure of Avan before he meets Dai and his companions.

The originals 37 volume Run from 1989 to 1996. The first anime was aired in 1991 and 1992, which consists of 46 episodes. And after this, there were three short films which were released in July 1991, March 1992, and July 1992.


The storyline of Dragon quest

The story follows a young protagonist Dai who grew up listening to the story of a great leader, Avan, defeating the demon king, Hadlar. And after Hadlar’s defeat, all the monster which was kept under him was freed.

As all the monster freed, they all went to an island called Dremline. This is the island where Dai has grown up. He was the only human, and he was surrounded by Monsters. And after many years, Avan learned about Dai and went there and taught him how to become a hero.

Unfortunately, Hadler gets reawaken and comes to eradicate Avan. To protect his student, Avan uses a self-sacrifice spell but unable to defeat the demon king. When everything seems bleak, suddenly, a mark on Dai’s forehead appears, and his real powers came out.

After that, Dai and Popp went on a journey to avenge Avan and to bring peace in the world. So the story is the centre on the adventures of Avan before he meets Dai and his companions or his students.


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