Dream Eater Merry Manga By Yoshitaka Ushiki Will Be Ending in November

Dream Eater Merry Manga

On Saturday, that is twenty four October the December issue of  Time Kirara Forward magazine a manga by Houbunsha revealed that Dream eater merry manga by Yoshitaka Ushiki will end in the magazine’s January 2021issue which will be shipped on twenty four November that is next month. The twenty fourth and the final volume of the manga will be shipped in the month of December.



The plot of the manga, dream eater Merry revolves around Yumeji Fujiwara who is a student studying in high school and a mysterious girl named Merry.


It was ten years ago that the high school student, Fujiwara notices that he has a power which allows him to see multicolored aura which surround any person’s body. And since that realization he has been having a weird dream about a war which involves cats. And one sudden day Merry, who is a mysterious girl falls on top of him.

Dream Eater Merry


The manga was also adapted into an anime with a total of thirteen episodes by J. C. Staff, and this aired in Japan in the month of January nine years ago that is in 2011. This anime was directed by Shigeyashu Yamauchi who is also known for the boys over flowers. The script of the series was written and supervised by Hideki Shirane.


The serialization of the seinen manga series began by Manga time Kirara twelve years ago in 2008. The first compiled volume of the manga was released by Houbansha in the same year which is 2008. And the twenty third volume was also released later in the onth of June on twelfth. At the time of the release of this volume, Ushiki dropped a hint and teased that the manga had a small part amount remaining, this happened in May.


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