Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16 Release Date , Spoilers and More Information

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16: It is a Japanese anime series based on manga. It is based on the series of Atsushi Okubo.


Release Date

Season 2 Episode 16 of Fire Force is all set to make a release on 17th October 2020 which is Saturday. Anime releases its new episode each Thursday not Saturday but this time they couldn’t release it on Thursday.


What happened in Episode 15?

Viktor is happy for the 8th as he is willing to do anything for friends. He opens the gates of the testing area. And after that, he told Shinra with the help of a communicator that there is no need to play with the experiment.

Shinra quickly gets out and Viktor begins a fight with the control room guys. Shinra reached near Viktor and was told about Nataku’s son. His Adolla Burst is awakened.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16

Shinra knows about the Hajime group that they have been hiding something which is why he was able to hear the cry. On the other hand, Obi and his group fight with a girl using a robot. Kuron also appears with the powers of his black smoke he is holding Nataku’s son.  Obi told Kuron about what he is doing which is child abuse. He asked him to let the boy go. After that, both of them start chasing and Inca showed up with the White Clad on top.

Spoilers for the upcoming episode

As for the spoilers, nothing is out something like that. But a preview has released by the makers for episode 16. It is a short preview pf 39 seconds only. Go watch it if you haven’t watched it. And it will you some idea about episode 16.

Where to watch the series?

You can watch the series on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The first season is available on Hulu also. The second will be available soon.


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