Fire Force Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date And All You Need To Know

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 7: The next episode is all ready to be set to ready next week. And all the information you need regarding the previous episode of the fire force read the article.


Fire force is an adult series which have dark humor and lots of seriousness and maturity. From the previous season, the artwork and visuals have improved a lot. The total six-episode of Fire Four Season 2 has been aired, and the next episode is ready to get aired.


Recap of episode six of Fire Force season 2

There was a fight going between Shinra and Charon, and during the match, Charon tries to stop everything, but Shinra told him that he couldn’t. As Shinra knows every move, he is going to make. Charon’s allies told him about the brainwaves they can feel is the indication that Haumea is coming.

Shinra yells at Inca because she was unable to use her powers. She was still wondering how she can use the power to defeat the Charon’s allies. And how she can see the future by the use of his power. After that, she decides to go with Charon, and she did not listen to Shinra.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 7

Shinra attacked a white-clad, but Charin came in between and pushed Shinra. Shinra was left unconscious, and his face was full of blood. Inca burnt the panda.

After that fire force team decides together all the clues about the adult blast and their other plans. And they left to complete there mission.

Release Date of episode 7 Of Fire Force 

The episode comes out every Friday. Episode 6 of fire force season 2 was released on eighth August 2020, which was called “The Time to Choose.” The next episode of the season to the 7th episode is going to release on 15th August 2020. The airing time of the show is different in different region and you can check that online for your region.

For the next episode, you have to wait a little bit but if you haven’t watched episode 6 you first watch it should not be something to be missed.

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